Tomato plant sale continues May 10 for Rongo Orphans


Tomato plants will again be for sale this year after all 3 services on Sunday May 10 at the outside entrance to Saints Hall. This will be the second and final week of the Tomato Sale.

We have 14 varieties this year, several new ones and many old favorites. To be sure to get the ones you want, pre-order by email to Franklin at  He’ll set aside your order for payment and pick up at the church.

All tomato plants are grown from seed purchased from Burpee’s Seeds.

There is no set price for the plants. Please make any contribution you are comfortable making. ALL contributions go to support our Rongo Orphans. In the past, we have suggested $3 a plant, but we will be very happy to collect more this year (similar sized plants sell for $5 apiece at local garden stores and $5 – 6 if you order from catalogues).

Each plant will be in a peat pot and ready to be planted in your garden (or in a container).



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