Unsung Hero and Heroine 2014

Don Kissling


This man is someone who is always urging us to think about others. He really brightens our day in the office with his chipper, “Good Morning!” And when he joins his buddies in the Conference Room: “This is the best group of money counters!” He coordinates the weekly schedule for all the tellers, who count and help organize all the collections from those who came to Sunday worship. He is also the first chair substitute for anyone who can’t come to count. Last week, because of rescheduling due to the weather, both the regulars and other substitutes couldn’t come in on a different day. He was called at 9pm the night before, and then next morning, he was right there. No surprise there!

He can also be heard saying on Monday mornings, “This is good! My trunk and most of my back seat are full of groceries. How can we make sure there is more food for the food pantries we support?”

He’s always willing to lend a hand.



This woman’s beautiful smile serves notice on all who pass by. She has served as a stewardship leader in previous Every Member Canvasses, as both caller and captain. She chaired the Adult Education Committee for three years. She has also served on the Vestry and on the last Search Committee that recommended Lucinda Laird be called as St. Matthew’s third rector.

She is a longtime volunteer with Norton Healthcare but most of us know her for her work as a librarian. She helped established St. Matthew’s Library, which opened in 1979 – that’s 25 years ago – and was your first official church librarian. Following the completion of the church remodeling and addition, she was part of the team that designed and established the current version of our library.

During the past seven years, she has developed the entire children’s portion of the Library, selecting, purchasing and cataloging all of that collection. She has encouraged our elementary-aged children to use the library by giving book talks to primary church school classes in the past few years. She also arranged for Bret Witter, author of the “Dewey the Library Cat” books, to talk with students.

Currently she is also a member of the Golden Bell Ringers, a greeter and is a sometime weekday reception desk.

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