Notes from 11/15/15 meeting on West Lou. involvement

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These are notes from a meeting with our rector Kelly Kirby on Sun. Nov. 15 to hear from her about the history of the group of pastors who have been meeting since spring to discuss economic and poverty issues in West Louisville. This pastors’ group is not planning specific programs for church members.

Here are some ideas that came out of the meeting. (See also notes from our previous meeting on Oct. 11 here. )

Connect one-on-one with West. Lou. residents

Kelly said that the book and dinner groups mentioned at the EWL Summit are not yet organized.Is there some way we could organize such groups and involve West End church members? If you have ideas or want to work on this, email Mary Johnson.

Explore/experience West Lou.
  • Attend Christmas events at West Louisville churches (mentioned by Marilyn Scholl)
  • Attend St. Stephen services 7pm Weds. and 11am Sats. (and several Sunday services)
  • Attend St. Stephen Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event Jan. 18
  • Attend Walter Brueggemann weekend Jan 16 at St. Stephen, Jan, 17 at St. Matthew’s (web page )
Patronize West Louisville restaurants
  • Sweet Peaches 18th & Muhammad Ali (facebook page)
  • The Table (in Portland), 338 N 25th St 772-3694 ( facebook page )
  • Friday night fish fries at St. Stephen? (nothing about it on the St. Stephen website)
Become educated about West. Lou. issues /needs
  • Tues. Nov. 17 5:30p Tom FitzGerald of the Ky. Resources Council, Greater Friendship Baptist Church, 2325 Osage Ave.
  • Sun. Dec. 6 11:15a Arthur Cox of St. George Scholar Institute speaks in Clingman Forum St. Matthew’s
  • Presenting the play “Prevailing winds” at St. Matthew’s Mentioned by Peggy Woolley can organize; who will fund?)
  • Touring West Lou. (who is offering such tours now?)
Attend book discussions on race and poverty issues at St. Matthew’s

Our next book discussion is of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me – Dec. 6, 12:15, Conf. Rm. B.

Get involved in West Lou. programs/projects
  • St. George’s Scholar Institute (and St. George’s Episl Church), 26th & Oak. St. Matthew’s has supported St. George’s for many years – Christmas Offering, donate to their food panty. Tom Kolb is on the board of the Scholar Institute (website). There’s an after-school program, tutoring, a computer center (Edie Bingham, Roger Dutschke, Tom Kolb are some of the parishioners involved with programs here.)Some of us will help serve at the Nov. 19 Thanksgiving Dinner at St. George’s.
  • Project One mentoring program (mentioned by Matrid Ndife)
  • Simmons College (website) Ideas include providing professors and getting involved with their book drive
Involve ourselves in these developing projects
  • One West Louisville (website)
  • Black yellow pages (in development)

Many of these suggestions are similar to those offered in the Oct. 11 meeting.

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