Your pledge CAN make a difference!

Feel like your pledge can’t make a difference? Oh, but it CAN!

We have reached nearly 50% of our pledge goal for the year! That’s GREAT! Let’s keep the momentum STRONG as we near the finish of our campaign. We need 114 more families to participate in order to meet our goal. Now is the time, friends!

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I challenge you to move from “I can’t afford it” to “I can’t afford NOT to.” This community thrives because of us, the people in the pews. As Kelly so beautifully said in her first sermon to us, it’s our job to love each other. We love each other well, friends, but some of us haven’t fully committed to our community. Some of us are holding back.

I challenge you to identify the barriers that keep you from giving and ask yourself, if it weren’t for this barrier, would I give? Reach down deep and find that YES! Then bring that YES to church on Sunday and learn how that YES can make a difference.

Finally, a great big THANK YOU to those who set an example and committed financially to St. Matthew’s early in the campaign. You created this momentum, engaged fully in your community, and committed to keeping St. Matthew’s strong.

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