What does it mean to be a maker? How can we engage our creativity and problem-solving skills? How do we create beauty in a cooperative, supportive environment? Come to the Youth Makerspace to find out! 

Arts/Craft & Color Station

Anything and everything you can think of to create amazing crafts

Paper Station

Find every color in the rainbow of paper and poster board

Cricut Station

Make t-shirts, totes, tumblers, and more on the Cricut!

Design/Building & Bead Station

Design a structure, make a necklace, build with Lincoln Logs - the sky's the limit!

Embossing & Die Cut Station

Use our book embosser to gold foil books and stationary or use the die cut machine to make posters and signs.

Fabric Crafts & Button Making Station

You'll find a sewing machine, fabric, and yarn along with a button maker with all the supplies.