Learn More about Skill Sharing Classes

The Skill Sharing program at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church is a social enterprise where we learn about each other’s callings while raising money to alleviate poverty in Louisville. For several years we have been hosting classes where parishioners and community members teach about a skill that they love and could describe as a calling.

We have had classes such as bread baking, sauces, country ham and bacon curing, gardening, meditation, and many others. Each teacher answers three questions:

What is the story of how you came to this calling?
How does this calling affect the other callings in your life?
How does this calling work for wholeness in the world?

Participants in the classes pay a tuition fee that covers the cost of materials and raises money to alleviate poverty. This year, all proceeds beyond the cost of materials will be donated to the AMPED Russell Technology Business Incubator, an organization dedicated to helping Black businesses succeed in Louisville.

These classes are a way for us to pursue our curiosity about the callings of our community and city, while using that curiosity to work for wholeness.

Classes are single sessions that are usually either 2 hours on a weeknight, or 3 hours on a weekend. The church reimburses teachers for all materials, and collects the tuition.